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Emotional Body Coaching

Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Neural Energetic Encoding, Releasing Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs, Emotional Body Connection & Trauma Informed Training

Single Online Coaching Session:

90 min $250

60 min $200

You need to have had at least one 90 minute session in order to choose 60 minutes.


Are available for additional $50 per appointment and will be located at 1528 9 Ave SE

GST is not included in prices

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What is Emotional Body Coaching?

Emotion means: “Energy In Motion’. When you don’t move through the uncomfortable emotions they get stuck in your tissue. Energy eventually turns into matter and causes havoc in your body. Once you have released the stuck emotions, your body begins to feel better and you can start to step into your true purpose and be more open to finding what you’re looking for, lasting partnership, ideal job or financial freedom, etc. 


Emotional body coaching is life coaching with a different approach:

- Discover why you feel the way you do

- Accept all of your emotions as equals and learn how to flow with them rather than resist

- Learn how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable emotions

- Release built up energy causing pain and discomfort (IE: neck pain, back pain, arthritis, headaches, migraines, tight muscles, to name just a few)

- Let go of limiting believe that are holding you back

- Create new habits and release old ones

- Get unstuck in your life

- Releasing generational belief systems that no longer serve you and create your own story

- Feel Confident, motivated and empowered

- Start to feel physically and emotionally better in your body


Please note, you do not need to revisit every memory of the uncomfortable emotions. There are techniques we can use to just focus on the emotion without the memory attached.


Why Emotional Body Coaching?

One of the stories I would like to share is from 2019 while I was at a retreat in Bali. I love to receive massages on my vacations to see how other countries offer them and how I may implement new techniques into my practice. In Bali they offered FOUR hand massages at the spa right next to where we were staying, so naturally I got one everyday. They are amazing! A four hand massage includes having two therapists massaging you at the same time. When I was in the middle of having one of these four hand massages, this horrific memory that I hadn’t thought of in over 21 years popped up out of nowhere. I had buried it so deep into my tissue; my left hip to be exact (I’ll explain that later). The memory was of being sexually assaulted by an older classmate I had trusted and was friends with in high school. At the time of the assault I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I was 17 and had a boyfriend who I didn’t want to get mad at me or look at me differently. I didn’t feel comfortable telling him or anyone I knew around me. I didn’t want to make a scene or cause drama. I remember now the exact moment when I had these thoughts and made the choice to pretend nothing ever happened, and that was the moment my body decided to keep me safe and store the memory and emotions until I was ready to face it. 21 years later I was finally ready. 


How did I know it was in my left hip? What’s super interesting is about a month before I left for Bali I started randomly getting sciatic symptoms down my left leg. If you’re not sure what that’s like, it’s when a pain goes down the back of the hips and legs down to the heel. The pain feels like sharp shooting electric bolts and a lot of achiness, to the point that it is difficult to walk on it or sleep on it, and nothing helps with the pain. However, as soon as I left for Bali, and while I was there all of the pain dropped away magically and I completely forgot about it. Unfortunately, in Bali after I remembered the assault, I still didn’t feel safe sharing this horrific past event with the people there and I ended up sucking the entire memory back up again. I told myself that once I get home I will circle back. After the retreat when I got home I fell into old patterns and started carrying out my days, however it didn’t take long before the sciatic symptoms returned. This time I knew I needed to make the connection to why this was going on. I ended up using the wellness network that I built and was able to process those emotions from the assault, and in return my symptoms vanished.


This is only one example from my journey to discover the true internal body system and how it supports us. Everything is energy and energy needs to move through us and if they aren’t processed they get stored until it turns into matter and starts to cause havoc in our tissues. I’ve learned that we have been programmed over the years to brush off pain and blame it on aging. How we respond to emotional and physical pain is our own personal choice. Yes, naturally our body gets older and genetics do play a role, but there is more truth to discover which is that the body may be in discomfort because of a weight load of built up emotions that are waiting to be released. But what if you could start to unravel the onion layers, to release some of that pain? You CAN heal yourself or at least start to release some of your symptoms by using the right tools like a healthy diet, regular movement practice and become acquainted with your feelings. I acknowledge that this isn’t an easy ask as no one likes feeling the uncomfortable emotions, and it won’t happen overnight. But if you don’t feel them now, you may end up being more uncomfortable in the future. Why not give it a try?


Fear, shame, hate, anger, hurt, sadness and guilt can only exist in the shadows unless you shine light on them. This is when they start getting smaller and smaller until they no longer exist, and turn from emotions to wisdom. 

I am here to provide a space for you to connect back into your body and feel the feelings you’ve never felt or resist feeling. I want to empower you to walk through the uncomfortable and get comfortable doing so. I want to educate you on why it is beneficial to feel it all, and to help you walk into your enlightenment so that you can find yourself not needing to hold back anymore. I want to help you to feel whole. I want to help you clean out your cobwebs so that you can focus and find whatever you're looking for; partner, career, self acceptance, purpose and so forth. 


"I didn't know what to expect but I was very impressed with Cyndi's coaching. It really made me think about my life and what was holding me back. I felt stuck and detached and now I feel empowered"


"I really enjoyed my coaching with Cyndi. She used two different techniques to help me with an ongoing belief and I noticed a difference right away. Cyndi has a talent for going straight to the problem and brings a calm and fun energy to the session"


"My session was amazing with Cyndi. She helped me release some energy that enabled me to open up and become more aware of the voice I have and the strength to realize my worth."


"I feel more connected to my body and where I'm storying my emotions. Cyndi's helped me to move through some guilt that was holding me back"


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