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Modality of Care: Massage, Cupping, Prenatal, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones 

Monday      3:30 - 9

Tuesday       9:30 - 3

Wednesday 3:30 - 9

Thursday      3:30 - 9

Friday          9:30 - 3

Direct Billing Available

Deep Tissue: Using a vector of force and techniques such as advanced orthopedic massage, deep tissue detailed massage, and kinetic massage; to realign your muscles, stretching them back to their original length and releasing any facial restrictions. This treatment is great for motor vehicle accidents, tight or sore muscles, highly active individuals or for people who like deep tissue.

TMJ Dysfunctions & Headaches Massage: This treatment focuses on helping to realign posture, reduce headaches, migraines; decrease neck and jaw pain. It also restores balance in your muscles and increases circulation. The treatment focuses on massage in the upper back, pectorals, neck, face, scalp, and TMJ area. This treatment sometimes includes massaging the muscles inside your mouth (optional). After addressing all the areas needed the remaining time will be spent on the rest of your back.

Massage & Sound Therapy: 

Sound therapy is a key ingredient to helping to regulate your nervous system back into balance. Throughout our day we are faced with lower vibrations such as: stressful jobs, juggling activities, finances and so on. Sound therapy is a set of higher frequencies to help elevate your bodies lower vibration, that tend to exhaust you or cause tension in your body.


This treatment will start by selecting a frequency playlist to play throughout your massage (IE: decrease anxiety, stress or elevated your immune system, etc). Once you’re on the table you will receive a few minutes of tuning forks to help relax, ground you and balance out your body’s energy. After your massage you will be bathed in the beautiful sound of the singing triangle, feel the vibrations of a Tibetan bowl; be mesmerized with the ocean drum and end with a drum wash.

Essential oil Relaxation Massage: This treatment integrates eight organic essential oils with a relaxation massage. Enjoy the benefits of each oil as it supports and relaxes your body.

*Oils used: Oregano, Thyme, basis, wintergreen, cypress, marjoram, lavender, and peppermint

*All oils are infused with coconut oil

*Option to leave any oil out of the treatment

Prenatal: A combination of cushions and bolsters to endure optimal comfort while receiving your massage.

Reflexology Massage: This treatment combines pressure points and a detailed foot massage to release any tension you are holding in your feet. The treatment follows the traditional map of your organs, through the feet, helping to energetically support areas of your body and increase circulation.

Myofascial Cupping: Myofascial cupping works directly on your fascia. Fascia is supposed to move with you however, due to compromising positions, posture or inflammation, fascia gets stuck and starts sticking together causing discomfort or pain. Myofascial Cupping helps get the fascia moving again; increases circulation and release tension. While the cups sit you’ll receive a massage.

Thai Infused Massage: This massage is either a relaxation or deep tissue but also has Thai style stretching and compression added in between the massage.

Cosmic Massage:

This treatment includes a detail face, neck and scalp massage infused with additional tools to elevate the experience and deepen the results.


Additionally tools included are: hot stones, gausha, cupping, silicone face & neck massager, jade stone cold rolled and finally tuning fours to deeply relax your muscles using vibration. (Optional to add in a back massage when you book 90 minutes)

~and more~

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