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Energy Work

Reiki is a treatment designed to support and help open the energetic pathways along your spine, called Chakras. There are seven main Chakras that run along our spine and are associated with the organs in the area that govern that tissue. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.


Emotions that we internalize or suppress during stressful situations will get stored up in these chakras and over time create blockages. This can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes it's a very clear sense of feeling stagnate, blocked, or feeling lost. I believe it can also be the cause of some aches and pains.


In this treatment, I will read your chakras with a pendulum in order to discover what is out of sync, off balance, or even closed. Throughout the session you will be on your back and stomach (unless specified otherwise), closing your eyes and reconnecting to your body while receiving Reiki. You may or may not feel any sensations, either way, you are still receiving. Some people can experience, heat, cold, tingling, organ movements, fall asleep, or have visions. 

Massage Reiki is also available for booking

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