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Acupuncture Treatment
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This workshop starts with a gentle, beginner yoga practice to help settle your body and prepare you for stillness. Once settled on your mat, the sound bath and acupuncture will begin. The combination of a custom acupuncture treatment with the crystal bowl frequencies leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and open up your meridians. This treatment is provided by Dr. Kait Veilleix and our team of acupuncturist as the event grows.

You will need to fill out an intake form prior to the event and will have a quick meeting with your Acupuncturist once you arrive to personalize your treatment. Afterwards you can submit your receipts to your insurance. If you choose not to get acupuncture, you will not be able to submit your receipts.
7:15 - 8:45pm

  Organized in a way so you can use your Acupuncture benefits

February 11th at Inglewood Community Centre 

Cohosted with Dr. Kait Veilleux


This workshop offers you the chance to slow down, be still and reconnect with yourself. Combining longer-held yoga poses, which help open up your energetic pathways and allow you to release your facial tissue; with massage helps ground you in your body and release any held tension.


During this workshop, you can experience the benefits of connecting with your breath and body on a deeper level. It will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed for the rest of the day.

4 - 5:30pm $45 

DTBD at CrushCamp

cohosted with Heather Campbell


This workshop is like no other. Combining the sounds and frequencies of crystal bowls with hydrotherapy. The crystal bowls vibration helps to elevate your body’s frequency.. This will allow stagnant energy or toxins in your body to move through and out. By adding in the already amazing benefits of hydrotherapy the bowls sound waves will also vibrate the water to deepen the benefits and reset your parasympathetic nervous system. You will leave feeling completely restored and relaxed. After an hour of the sound bath and hot, cold, rest rotation, enjoy the remainder of the time exploring the facilities with a complementary hydrating drink and snacks.

7 - 9pm $120

January 28th at SKA Thermal Spa


This workshop you will guided through gentle restorative posed while experience the frequencies of the seven 

chakras throughout your entire body. Helping to elevate your body's frequency, move stagnate energies and reset your parasympathetic nervous system.

12:30-1:30pm $35

DTBD at CrushCamp

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